We were approached by a company from Singapore who required help with gathering analytical data for an event.

The company had launched a new digital department that was a hub for activities encompassing all kinds of different tech – Virtual & Augmented Reality, Face Recognition, Biometric Analysis, Smart City Solutions, Facebook Advertising and so on.

In celebration of the new departmental launch, the company planned to invite 500 delegates to attend an event where all the different forms of technological solutions could be presented to them.

They wanted to know how many attendees were present and how they spent their time. This is where we came into play.

beacon based mobile apps

In order to track the employees, we suggested using a Bluetooth based Beacon technology. We were able to procure the hardware for them and we then went on to design a software application that they could use to track the attendees.

The technology consists of a receiver and a tag. The tag was placed in the ID cards of all the attendees and the Bluetooth beacon receiver was placed in all the entrances and exits. It could monitor every time someone entered a different room and when they left the room. This was important to the company because their conference rooms had different events going on, with people discussing different technological solutions and they needed to know who was interested in what.

The beacon was connected to a Wi-Fi server and a cloud server. The cloud is where all the data goes and from there, live reports can be generated on the software application we devised. The data can also be viewed on a Smart phone, using an App from either the Google play store or the Apple Store.

beacon gps tracking system


During the event, the company was able to monitor which areas needed more attention. They could come to a conclusion as to how many people were interested in a specific business solution. Once they knew that someone was a potential client with a requirement they were capable of addressing, they could automatically send them a follow-up notification as to how they could take their relationship forward.

The highlight of the event was that the company could present their Event Tracking Solution to the entire gathering. The live report was shown to the audience on screen along with an explanation of how the floor was set up with the Bluetooth beacons.

The event was successful and the company had an overwhelming response from the attendees. We were really pleased with the results.

Bluetooth beacons for tracking

If you’d like to get a specialized Bluetooth beacon solution for your organization or event, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are able to cater to any Industry as our solutions are varied and dynamic in nature.

Pixel Studios is a tech based company that specializes in offering smart business solutions that use cutting edge technology, like RFID Solutions, Bluetooth based BEACON solutions, Fleet tracking systems & IOT services. We study the IOT devices in-depth and create the middle ware (Web Services) so advanced business solutions can just be plugged-in to derive the advantage.

Our process of understanding the pain points of our clients and our ability to devise the solutions based on the client’s need for differentiation helps us roll out solutions that can bring significant transformation to the clients’ businesses, allowing them to stay competitive.

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