The conundrum

A Singapore based company approached us with a dilemma. They required improvements to be made to their GPS tracking system which was out dated. They were using around 10 to 15 vehicles for local deliveries. The GPS tracking system that they had was not able to monitor which driver used which vehicle. The old technology had very less accuracy to its data. This was causing internal errors and miscommunications, leading to a decrease in productivity.

The Pixel Solution

GPS fleet tracking helps manage and assess data accuratel

Pixel Studios took up the job of solving their problem. Adding to the GPS tracking software, we placed Bluetooth beacons in the vehicles. The beacons were connected to a cloud server and a mobile application. The mobile application had the capacity to report which driver was using which vehicle, the start time and end time of every trip.

GPS fleet tracking helps manage and assess data accuratel

The GPS tracking we set in place was a onetime investment that would require no further up gradation. If the client decided to increase the number of vehicles and drivers they could do so easily and the application would still be capable of supporting their tracking requirements for their business operations.

The Result

With nominal cost and outstanding report generation abilities, the tracking system helped improve productivity with regards to scheduling and efficiency in budget allocation for fuel. Adding to this we have delivered a centralized dashboard to access live data on the go and generate reports as per the need.

Pixel Studios is a tech based company that specializes in offering smart business solutions that use cutting edge technology, like RFID Solutions, Bluetooth based BEACON solutions, Fleet tracking systems & IOT services. We study the IOT devices in-depth and create the middle ware (Web Services) so advanced business solutions can just be plugged-in to derive the advantage.

Our process of understanding the pain points of our clients and our ability to devise the solutions based on the client’s need for differentiation helps us roll out solutions that can bring significant transformation to the clients’ businesses, allowing them to stay competitive.

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