Pixel Studios partnered with an Event Management company that was conducting a major event for a Global Investment Management Company. The company wanted to track its visitors and their behavior during the 2 day event.

RFID visitor tracking system

Usually, an attendee is given a QR code on their ID tag which can be scanned before entry. Not all attendees are patient enough to wait for their QR code to be scanned and even if they are, the entry lines could get really long and the staff in charge will find that their work has turned quiet tedious even before the event has begun. So, how do you track, monitor and analyze the movements of International delegates from all over the world, without causing them or the staff any minor inconveniences?

The Solution

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We chose to use RFID technology –
Radio Frequency Identification.

When in use, RFID can track the number of entrants, their pattern of time utilization and their core interests at the event. Instead of putting up an RFID stand by the entry like they do at shopping mall exits, we devised a way to have the RFID reader attached to the truss at the arch of the entrance. Since it was an overhead RFID reader, it didn’t take up much space and it wasn’t all that visible.

The RFID is capable of tracking registrations, guest-time spent at every session, guest location and much more. The RFID reader would pick up signals from RFID tags that were present in all the participant’s ID tags. There were many important delegates at the event, clients, staff and other participants. The tags could categorize them all accordingly and list accurate statistics in the overall report.

The main purpose of using the RFID tech at the event was to perform visitor analytics and visitor tracking. It is essential to know who spends a certain amount of time listening to a seminar or taking part in a workshop. If a delegate has arrived at 10 am and attends a one hour long seminar, stays for lunch and then attends another seminar on a similar topic, this may imply where his area of interest lies.

RFID events tracking system

RFID Solutions
Tech Stack

Pixel Studios was able to develop the software required for the RFID hardware which was procured from overseas. The programs used were Visual Basic, PHP (for reporting), MySQL, Photoshop and HTML. We created a web based service for them that could be integrated with the RFID software and the existing visitor tracking software.

The Experience

The best part about the web based service was that it could provide live reports! Not only could the tracking team study the visitor’s behavior after the event but they could monitor it right then and there and take quick decisions on certain issues that may have caused hindrances.

We were happy to support the company for this major event and their appreciation and accolades meant everything to us.

Pixel Studios can support you in building the software as well as in procuring the hardware for a RFID system.

Pixel studios is a technology specialist in offering business solutions using cutting edge technology like RFID, GPS tracking and the Bluetooth beacon. We study the devices in depth and create a personalized system for specific business solutions that can be achieved by just plugging in the device. We are able to suit the needs of any company involved in Logistics, Healthcare, Event Management, Industrial Manufacturing or the IT sector by developing highly reliable business intelligence systems.

Our process of understanding the clients’ pain points or their need to differentiate themselves along with our business solution knowledge of IOT devices helps us roll out solutions than can bring significant transformation to the clients’ businesses, allowing them to stay competitive.

We are well versed in the field of the Internet of Things (IOT) and are capable of taking on almost any challenge that is handed to us.

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