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UI / UX Design & Development Specialists

As the brand experience is not any more confined to the corner shelf of neighbourhood store but to the gamut of digital experiences, the UI UX Design has assumed unprecedented importance.

It is the moment of truth when the user opens the website or the mobile app. Everything dissolves at this point- hours of planning, coding, implementation. The time, effort & cost must prove itself by making the user comfortable. The interface between user & technology evolves into User Experience using User Interface. That’s what matters & that’s the challenge we are out here to solve, everyday !

At Pixel Studios, our passion for design & competence on technology enables to deliver incredible UI / UX services to our clients.

Case Studies

  • Mobile App
  • Tablet
  • Website
  • Ecommerce
  • Web Application


Designing UI for Check-in & Check-out App for crew used at airports round the clock, at speed even at poor lighting conditions

ui design agency


Designing UI for Cruise Boarding Application for young travellers whose excitement begins as they step in

ui design agency

Heritage Foods Limited

Designing website UI for the Dairy Company that keeps the page fresh & refreshing as much as their products

ui design agency


Designing eCom site for this upclass accessories brand that reflects the brand’s attitude with convenience in shopping

ui design agency

TVS Brakes India

Designing seamless UX for quick information & faster action to users cutting across the organisation overlaid on a home grown software

ui design agency

Share your UI/UX Challenge with us. We will be glad to partner.

UI/UX might sound similar on the surface level but they are both different. User Interface is the overall outlook of a page that either makes or breaks your business and UX is the interaction of a user with the products. They both are crucial and might require a proper UI/UX Design Company that enhances the user experience as well as User Interface. This in turn will help businesses steer in the direction of profit. The look and feel of the website should be sophisticated yet simple, appealing yet functional, and this can be achieved by "UI/UX Design Services". The ultimate aim is to help users easily accomplish their desired tasks.

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