Working out a method amidst the Digital Marketing Madness!

Digital Marketing, commonly misunderstood as a single activity, actually is a field that requires orchestrated coordination of multiple carefully thought activities. Selection of the right mix for Digital Marketing activities that blend with the brand, offline marketing efforts, customer base, competitors' activities is imperative. Having chosen, the tuning of efforts based on results calls for fast response. What works for someone, including the competitor may not work for a business. This is where, Pixel Studios, plays the role of a Digital Marketing Agency.

How we Develop Digital Marketing Strategy for your business

Every business is unique in who they are & where they want to go. At Pixel Studios, we evolve with a Digital Marketing
that’s most apt for the business, at that point in time. Here is our methodology, in a nutshell.

  • Industry

    Understanding the industry
    in which your business

  • Business Model

    Business Model

    Understanding your
    business model within
    the industry

  • Customer Behaviour

    Customer Behaviour

    Who are your customers &
    What is their behavior when
    it comes to your product

  • Immediate Goals

    Immediate Goals

    Understanding the
    immediate goals, like
    a product launch

  • Competitor Activities

    Competitor Activities

    Who are your
    competitors & how
    they approach

  • Long Term Aspirations

    Long Term Aspirations

    Understanding the aspiration
    like positioning as an innovative

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Choose from 4 Levels of Digital Marketing Impact

At Pixel Studios, we classify Digital Marketing Activities at 4 levels based on the client’s business & aspirations. Based on the level, we align the digital marketing activities of the brand.

  • 01


    Every digital asset
    aligns to the brand
    design & communication
    forming a strong

  • 03


    The design & copy should not only catch the attention but also make it more compelling to initiate a conversation.

  • 02


    The website discoverable in search engines & social media posts discoverable with the right hashtags are some examples.

  • 03


    The design & copy should not only catch the attention but also make it more compelling to initiate a conversation.

  • 02


    The website discoverable in search engines & social media posts discoverable with the right hashtags are some examples.

  • 04


    Engagement & conversation should lead to business results like purchases, downloads, signups. thus ensuring a better ROI.

How we Bring the Digital Marketing mix together

Given all the ingredients, the art of bringing the right set of elements backed with activities at the right
proportion, at the right time, is what in our experience ensures success in Digital Marketing. Here is
how we bring together the Digital Marketing mix for the businesses.

  • Creating the Digital Marketing Assets
  • Executing the Digital Marketing Activities
  • Analyse &


This digital fortress is your primary asset in the digital domain. A website must be discoverable, user-friendly & must provide answers to every stakeholder who lands there.


Showcase what the company is to the target group. Communicate and address the client’s needs; provide answers to the questions they didn’t know to ask yet.

Social Media Handles

Know where your target group resides and join their conversation. Build a community of customers, fans, followers by staying relevant & meaningful.


Traditional, yet powerful, use emailers to stay in touch with your existing clientele, as well as reach new user segments to stay visible & approachable.

Landing Page Templates

An important Digital Marketing asset called landing pages provide answers to a specific problem to a specific audience with all details driving conversion.

Website Management

As a custodian, we take care of your website, keep it updated, reduce downtime, protect from attacks & take regular backups. Our stringent processes ensure your website stays relevant all the time.


We regularly update your blog with a title that’s catchy & content that’s sticky for users. Blogs take an online customer through the journey of awareness, consideration & decision-creating strong funnels.

Case Studies and White Papers

We generate content to communicate your success stories. Creating thought leadership case studies and articles to help position your company in the right light.

Social Media Engagement

Right from the initial stages of social media engagement strategy, our team will work on generating content to attract, engage, converse with your target customers.

Emailer Blasts

Considered as an effective way to keep in touch with your existing customers, we will deploy email marketing to promote the blogs, case studies & white papers apart from new initiatives & offers.

Search Engine Optimisation

Right from identifying the right keywords to tuning the website & landing pages, we leave no stone unturned to make Google take a notice of your website & drive relevant traffic.

Landing Pages

Apart from standard web pages, creating strategic landing pages aimed to convert a specific target group for a specific service (maybe for a specific period or offer) helps in increasing the conversions.

Influencer Marketing

A brand is as popular as the one who recommends. We identify the right influencers & promote your brand with the right content that’s engaging for the target group lifting overall brand appeal.

Campaign Execution

We strategize & bring powerful online campaigns to achieve specific objectives backed up with media budgets. We plan, design, execute & monitor your campaign to get the best ROI.

Every digital marketing activity generates enormous data, the analysis of which provides insights. These insights help us to modify our content, budget, medium, etc to make a greater impact.

Digital Marketing Agency

Our Case Studies

How we unlocked success for some of our customers may help you understand what we do every day. The process, the illustrated journey we undergo for every task of ours needs to be recorded. Flip the pages to see how we wield our magic wand.

The pandemic has changed the entire marketing landscape. Different brands are using the help of various Digital Marketing Agencies to climb the online ladder and get reliable leads for their products and services. Digital Marketing spends have surpassed traditional marketing in 2019, making it a huge potential market to tap into. Digital Marketing Companies, with their innovative strategies, can help brands sustain themselves in the long run. Nearly 81% of the customers use online platforms to arrive at their purchasing decisions, making it an ideal business venture!

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