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While organic efforts are essential in Digital Marketing, it’s no doubt that paid campaigns can deliver faster results. Reaching out to your target audience across the country (even the world ) about your products / services with specific Call to Action (CTA) can be a fast-track to business success. A powerful campaign idea, stunning visual, backed up by media planning & execution is bringing success to many businesses, big & small.

At Pixel Studios, we approach every digital marketing campaign with specific objective, rigorous brainstorming & relentless monitoring to drive maximum ROI on the media budget.

Planning for a Digital Marketing Campaign can be an ardent task. That’s why we developed a 6 Step Framework to plan your next Digital Marketing Campaign.

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If your customers search for information on Google, view videos on YouTube, socialise on fb & insta, network on Linkedin, it is most likely that your products & services will be suitable for Digital Marketing campaigns. Let’s find that for you.
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It depends on what you want, how much you want & how fast. Our Campaign Experts will work out budget plans based on your business goals & optimal output. Share some details & we will revert.
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Yes. You can start with low budgets & as you see results, you can keep increasing based on your how many responses you want in, say a week or month. Let’s find out what will be your lowest initial budget.
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  • Every successful campaign has two critical components that get missed. Planning   Monitoring.
  • Planning – The clarity on what we want to accomplish backed up by the idea, creative posts, messages, medium   budget planning.
  • Monitoring – Any campaign which is left unattended to can derail the performance, wasting money. Constant monitoring   tweaking of ads is important to achieve results within set budget.
At Pixel Studios, we have a dedicated team to plan the campaign strategy   monitor your ad performance   budgets, so that you can focus on your business. You will be receiving the reports on performance along with our insights on regular basis. Reach out to us to begin your next campaign.
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Well, that really depends on how many customers are searching for your products / services & how many of your competitors are fighting to woo them. But, it’s always possible to maximise the ROI with any budget. Reach out to us to begin your next campaign.
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How we unlocked success for some of our customers may help you understand what we do every day. The process, the illustrated journey we undergo for every task of ours needs to be recorded. Flip the pages to see how we wield our magic wand.

Websites have been proliferating at warp speed, making it important for brands to be creative and different. Small-time franchises to E-commerce businesses, everyone is listed on the web, maximizing their lead generation and building a better internet portfolio. Nearly 79% of marketers find paid search marketing beneficial, paving the way for "paid advertising agencies" to shine. Brands need to go the distance when it comes to online presence, using every internet tool at their disposal. Numerous "ppc Advertising Agencies" have a knack for helping brands to get on the top of searches.

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