Take your Brand Messages effectively
across Social Platforms

Social Media has expanded the space for brands to communicate, connect & build an online community of loyal customers. Every platform attracts different user groups with varying intentions. The mindset of someone in Linkedin will be totally different from someone on Instagram. Even for the same person, the tone of the message needs to be different on different platforms to connect & engage. However, universally one thing is certain. None of them want to be sold anything. Many brands overdo the selling on social media, misunderstanding what goes on inside the minds of the usersand thereby miss to “make a connect”. Getting the social media aspect of Digital marketing correct is key for your business and we are here to help !

How We Make Social Media Work
for your Business

  • Pixel Studios

    Understand Your Customers

    Discover needs, likes, and behaviour
    profiles of your customers
  • Pixel Studios

    Choose Social Platforms

    Consider the intention and how
    it aligns with our brand
  • Pixel Studios

    Create Appealing Profile

    Blend-in or Stand-out?
    Mix design & copy intelligently
  • Pixel Studios

    Creative Strategy

    Everything from font, style &
    brand elements in design
  • Pixel Studios

    Communication Strategy

    Set the tone of the brand with
    the right tone & language
  • Pixel Studios

    Content Buckets

    Conversation starters to engaging
    topics that interest user
  • Pixel Studios

    Post Frequency

    Be present consistently but do
    not be overly dominating
  • Pixel Studios

    Content Calendar

    Have a well thought out plan for
    engagement & execution
  • Pixel Studios

    Response Management

    React to responses
    & respond to queries
  • Pixel Studios

    Expand Reach

    Make use of every opportunity
    to increase the reach
  • Pixel Studios

    Analyse & Improve

    Constantly monitor performance
    to realign effort

The Next Step Choose what would
you like to do?

Hello Pixel Studios,

Audit my present social media activities
We will do a thorough audit of your current social media profile, activities to see if it aligns to your business & suggest improvements.
Create new social media strategy & plans
We will understand your business, customers & come out with detailed strategy & plans to make the maximum out of social media marketing.
Takeover the social media for my business
Now, we will bein charge of your complete social media communication, brand building & doing what is necessary to bring business results.
Advice if
Social Media
will work for me
No obligation consulting to understand your business goals & suggesting what level of Social Media activities will help your current business

Our Blog / Case Studies

How we unlocked success for some of our customers may help you understand what we do every day.
The process, the illustrated journey we undergo for every task of ours needs to be recorded. Flip the
pages to see how we wield our magic wand.

Tracking, testing, tweaking, and repeating; these are the important elements to consider when it comes to "social media marketing services". From developing brand awareness to building relationships with customers online, they fall under the social media marketing bucket. It becomes a critical touchpoint for business owners, be it B2B or B2C or any business module for that matter. Social Media Marketing companies need to have a cohesive strategy to amplify a brand's digital presence. An engaging social media campaign, doing thorough market research, and monitoring social media presence is what Social Media Marketing companies do!

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